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New York City

New York is a city where anything is possible and, like a siren, its allure is inescapable. People from all over the globe are drawn to the city’s world-renowned museums, theatres, celebrities, universities, sport teams, restaurants and financial institutions. The city, in fact, has been called “capital of the world,” a title legitimately accorded to the home of the United Nations enclave. In addition, New York boasts the largest representation of cosmopolitan cultures, races and ethnic entities in the world. The city has something for everyone.

New York’s beauty can be both subtle and flamboyant. The city’s cool sophistication is visible at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany’s, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Gracie Mansion, as well as luxury apartment buildings such as the Dakota, and in its numerous art galleries and European-style cafes. Meanwhile, the unmatched glamour and decadence of the city is found in the neon-lit Theatre district, elite nightclubs, cabarets and trendy boutiques. New York City makes it easy for people to realize the epicurean mantra, “eat, drink and be merry.”

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The Briggs team are savvy New Yorkers with cutting edge knowledge of contemporary city life and a time honored dedication to quality. A core team of 20 full-time employees is supplemented by the finest hand-picked guide staff in New York City.

Founded in 1972, Briggs continues to lead the industry by providing peerless service, strong leadership and unexpected creativity. Imagine sending your guests to legendary Yankee Stadium for their own game on the field or having a gala night on Liberty Island enhanced with customized fireworks over the harbor. Briggs can secure tickets to a hit Broadway performance and arrange a theater talkback with cast members after the show. We can show off Gotham’s fashionable side with a behind-the-scenes shopping spree through the Garment District. Our portfolio of customizable tours means that with Briggs at your side, imagination is the only limit.


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