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A land with values Reliability, punctuality, political and economic stability: Switzerland is proud of what it does best. And although the country boasts unrivaled scenic beauty and variety, it has no raw material – which is why research and development are accorded such great importance. No other country in the world invests so much per capita in pure research and new technologies. Thankfully, the results are there for all to see.

Between tradition and modernity There are conference centers at which the future has already arrived: architectural gems, allied with dazzling technology. But there are also log cabins deep in the forest, where office routine seems a distant memory and team spirit has a chance to flourish. Then there are the famous Swiss grand hotels, with their incomparable charm – and personally run small enterprises where hospitality and a warm welcome take pride of place. The choice is yours.

The journey is the destination A little island at the heart of Europe, Switzerland is easy to reach from anywhere in the world. The public transport system is regarded as exemplary, and is without doubt one of the most reliable and best organized in the world. A byword for comfort and punctuality, it reaches every corner of the land – often in spectacular style. Thanks to the country’s tremendous scenic variety in a compact area, even the journey is an unforgettable experience.

Guaranteed variety The success of a meeting depends on the quality of its social program. For only those who feel well looked after can perform to the best of their ability. Sports, culture, wellness, and shopping, active pursuits, passive pleasures: Switzerland has an enormous variety of attractions. Best of all, you can find everything on your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Give your participants the very best that our country has to offer.

Guaranteed uniqueness Success is also a question of quality of life: how you do business is all about where you do business. So it is no surprise that many large companies choose Switzerland as the location for their European headquarters – Google and Kraft, to name just two. Support for their decision comes in the form of an annual report by the consulting group Mercer, which compares the quality of life in 215 cities around the world. Zürich regularly tops the rankings, with three other Swiss cities (Geneva, Lucerne, and Basel) also making it into the top ten: a world record. Switzerland has the most attractive conditions for development in the world according to the Travel & Tourism competitiveness Report. And Yale University’s Environmental Performance index ranks Switzerland first in the world in terms of environmental awareness.

Climate & what to pack It is highly recommended to visitors to pack a sweater, good walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a compact umbrella and/or a light rain coat. Switzerland experiences mild temperatures throughout the year, making nearly anytime ideal for exploring culture, history, food, or outdoor activities. The mountains are mainly responsible for the variety of local and regional micro climates. Ticino in the south has a hot, Mediterranean climate, but most of the rest of the country has a central European climate.

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As a leading company in destination management, Ovation Switzerland boasts more than 20 years of experience in the field of incentives and corporate meetings – and knows how to make even the impossible happen. Ovation Switzerland is part of the Ovation Global DMC network, a wholly owned, fully aligned organization offering expert destination management services at locations around the world. They connect you to people and places so you can express your message creatively, unambiguously and seamlessly all around the world. They intimately know the places, venues and locations that match your creative and practical requirements. They have been doing this for many years now and, in the process, gained an understanding of where you’re coming from – ie, they know that your event has to deliver on objectives that are very specific to you. For this reason they tend not to present standard solutions but work with you, from first principles, to deliver an event customized to your precise needs.


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