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We partner with DMC’s to provide expert knowledge and resources for planners in the travel, incentive and meeting industries.

Dominican Republic

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The DR has it all!

New Orleans

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Follow Your NOLA

Czech Republic

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Land Of Stories


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Spain in Details


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Birthplace Of Golf

Americas & Caribbean

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One Happy Island


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Floating between Europe and Asia

Destination Management Companies

Representing 12 Destination Management Companies in 15 destinations, SGM continually strives to establish itself as the preferred supplier to buyers and sellers of worldwide products suitable to the Canadian group, meeting and incentive market.

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Select Group Marketing

SGM is Canada's leading marketing/representation firm specializing in the group, meeting and incentive market. Our specialist knowledge and experience provides value to meeting planners and industry partners alike.

About Us

We have worked with SGM for many years and Jan consistently delivers with his DMC portfolio!
He is a true advocate for educating people in the industry on destinations, both current and upcoming .
He does this through meetings, seminars and educational trips and
brings together the people that make it happen.
His vast knowledge of the hotels within these destinations is outstanding!
Always a pleasure to do business with Select Group Marketing.

— Lee Ann Marano

Jan is well connected, worldly, and knowledgeable as well as highly regarded in our industry. He is our go-to guy especially on international and perhaps out-of-the-ordinary destinations.

— Lindsay Rudyk, President, Communiqué Event Management

Jan and the team at SGM are our “go to” partners for top-notch professional destination knowledge and service. We have been working with SGM for decades and are always confident that their destination partners have been fully vetted and will provide the quality service we expect to provide to our clients. They provide first hand destination experience and are able to be creative and deliver first class unique programs in budget. The entire team at SGM are an extension and a reflection of us and meet those demands ten-fold. The programs we run with them have always been a great success. We are proud to call them partners.

— Heidi Baillie-David, CMP Senior Buyer, Product Development Team Lead, Creative Group

We have worked with Select Group Marketing for over 15 years! We rely on their destination expertise and their excellent DMC partners, who we have successfully worked with over the years. SGM and in particular, Jan, is always one of my first calls when putting together a program as I trust his opinions and expertise. We have a great partnership!

— Kelly MacDonald, Manager, Industry Relations, Fraser & Hoyt Incentives

We have been working with SGM since the inception of our company over 20 years ago and in fact, I would say that SGM has been instrumental in the development of our business. Sure there are a lot of Destination Management Company representation agencies out there, but not many with the degree of professionalism, integrity and likability of SGM. It is the closest thing to a “heritage” company in the M & IT industry and I consider them – and the DMCs they represent – an important part of our professional family.

— John Wee Tom, Managing Director, Area Corporate