Morocco, Centuries of Flavour


A Wonderland of Landscapes

At the crossroads of Europe and Africa, surrounded by Mediterranean waters and opening onto the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, The Kingdom of Morocco is a wonderland for nature lovers.

It is the “land of the distant sunset”, a destination rich in contrasts, with a two-thousand-year-old history, that will stimulate your curiosity. In these lands where several dynasties succeeded one another, you’ll discover remains of the greatest Mediterranean civilizations. In the north of the country, the Roman ruins of Volubilis still stand.

Between sea and mountains, desert sands, and green plains, eye-popping panoramas are displayed to shower you with tranquility and natural beauty; enchanting vivid pictures with the richness of a brawling culture transport you into the rawest nature.

The Welcoming Moroccan Gastronomy

Morocco’s culinary heritage embraces the deep-rooted traditions and cultural variety of the country. Couscous, Tajine, Pastilla, Mrouzia, and R’fissa, are some of the emblematic dishes of the country that you can’t resist.  Subtly composed of a wide variety of striking flavours and scents, Moroccan cuisine draws its originality from a combination between Berber, Arab-Andalusian, and Jewish culinary traditions. Thanks to its rich cultural heritage specific to each region, Morocco has built an undisputed reputation worldwide.

Medina, a multicultural place

Despite its Modern transformation, Morocco has never lost sight of its deep-rooted traditions. The magical Medina is one of the traditional Moroccan cultures embedded in people’s daily life.

Typically walled, the traditional Medina invites you to explore its deepest treasures while meandering its narrow streets. Artisan shops, fountains, mosques …Hundreds of people live and work inside of its ochre walls, passing their know-how on to other generations.

In Fez, Tetouan, Essaouira, and Marrakech, these car-free and best-conserved historic towns have quickly become World Heritage. Whether it’s located in an imperial city, a coastal city, or in mountains, Medinas will take you back in history.

Explore its puzzling old districts, and dive into its magical atmosphere!


DMC Information

Access Holidays & Events

30 Years of Passion
Born in 2007, Access Holidays & Events is the fruit of 30 years of expertise, passion, and dreams. Its founder Bouchaib Rzane has always been fascinated by the beautiful details he saw and still sees wherever he goes in Morocco, from architecture, cuisine, and diverse landscapes, to warm-hearted people. For him, Access Holidays & Events is more than a DMC, it is a tribute to Morocco and the least he can give back to his stunning country is to share its culture, history, and beauty with guests through unique and innovative experiences. This passion has made Access Holidays & Events a Leading DMC in Morocco with over 15 Offices around the world.

The Industry is Part of Their DNA
The passion for the industry has been transmitted from father to son. Both are part of a team of DMC passionate experts guided by flexibility, creativity, innovation, responsiveness, and local knowledge. From their experience, as Travel & Event Designers, they have gleaned key learnings to deliver best-in-class MICE solutions.

You Dream, They’ll Make It Happen
Thanks to their great influence, strong network, and creativity, the Access Team can make the impossible POSSIBLE with an aim to offer exclusive experiences while sharing the best-kept secrets of authentic Morocco.

Access is Engaged
“Access Holidays & Events Social Program” launched in 2019 is a promising project consisting of doing the right thing for the right people. They are engaged in helping the local communities and raising awareness. Each of their programs includes either monetary or in-kind contributions. They believe that each company needs to be socially accountable and responsible, and their goal is to encourage their guests to engage with them in these initiatives that bring change.


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