One Happy Island


The island is part of the Dutch West Indies in the Caribbean Sea; it is the most westerly of the Antilles, and it lies about 12 degrees north of the equator, approximately 29km (18 miles) off the Paraguan peninsula of Venezuela. One of the Lesser Antilles islands, Aruba is about 30 km (19.6 miles) long and about 8 km (6 miles) wide with an area of 193 sq km (75 sq miles). Its highest point is 617 feet at Mount Yamanota. The island has a population of approximately 100,000.

Local currency is the Aruban Florin, also referred to as the guilder. US dollars are readily accepted island-wide although change may be given in florins.

The official language is Dutch with English and Spanish widely spoken. The native language is Papiamento, a combination of Spanish, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Indian and some African words.

Aruba enjoys a dry and sunny climate year-round. Trade winds blow across the island most of the year bringing natural “air conditioning” and the island is out of range of the traditional Caribbean hurricane belt. Average rainfall is less than 20 inches per year. The average temperature is 76 – 84F or 23 – 30C and there is little variation throughout the year, although it may be a few degrees warmer during the summer months.


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