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Czech Republic

Official title: Czech Republic

Area: 78,864 square kilometres

Neighbouring countries: Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia

Population:10,300,000 inhabitants

Capital: Prague (1.2 million inhabitants)

Other major cities: Brno (388,596), Ostrava (325,827), Pilsen (171,908), Olomouc (106,278)

Administrative language”Czech

Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic (39.2 %), Protestant (4.6%), Orthodox (3%), Atheist (39.8%)

Political system: Parliamentary democracy

Currency: Czech crown – CZK, 1 Kc = 100 h
Coins: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Kc
Banknotes: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 Kc

Time zone: Central European Time (CET), from April to October – summer time (GMT + 1, GMT + 2)

Climate: Temperate, four seasons, a mix of ocean and inland climate, changeable winters, warm summers. The average daily temperature in January, the coldest of winter months is about -2°C, in July, the warmest month, about 20°C.

Telephone numbers: The country telephone code for the Czech Republic is 420.

Voltage: 220 v/50 hz

State and public holidays:

  • January 1st – New Year’s Day; National Holiday – Formation of the Czech Republic
  • Variable – Easter Monday
  • May 1st – May Day (Labour Day)
  • May 8th – National Holiday – Day of Liberation from Fascism (1945)
  • July 5th – National Holiday – Day of Slav Missionaries Cyril and Methodius
  • July 6th – National Holiday – Master John Huss (1415)
  • September 28th – Saint Wenceslas Day
  • October 28th – National Holiday – Foundation of Freedom and Independence
  • 24-26 December – Christmas

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Senator Meetings & Incentives

The Czech Republic takes justifiable pride in having a vast cultural heritage; a history that spans more than 1000 years, as many as twelve Czech towns are included on the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage sites. Offering one of Europe’s largest selections of castles; spa towns and stunning landscapes, the Czech state is becoming one of the most popular incentive destinations in Europe. All this and great value too!

Prague’s pristine and varied collection of architecture, including historical bridges, cathedrals, gold-tipped towers and church domes, make the Czech capital one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is both vibrant and modern, offering a menu of varied and surprising experiences to every meeting and incentive participant. Often referred to as the “Magic City”, walking its streets is like a journey through time. Prague is also home to numerous theatres, concert halls, clubs, museums and galleries.

Senator Meeting & Incentive Travel is an ideal partner in solving all your planning needs within Prague and the Czech Republic. Senator’s enthusiastic and experienced team works with the most prestigious hotels, venues and products in the Czech Republic in order to create tailor-made programs for their clients, whilst guaranteeing the highest quality service.


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