Flower Power, Pedal Power

The Netherlands

Known the world over for its windmills, cheese and tulips, Holland (The Netherlands) offers many more reasons to visit. Totalling just 40,000 square kilometres, this delightful destination might be small in size buts its big on attractions for meeting and incentive visitors.

Flanked on two sides by the North Sea, Holland enjoys a temperate maritime climate. The Dutch have a special relationship with water with most of the country lying below sea level. Over the years it has been a constant struggle to keep the water out but the Dutch have proven themselves worthy adversaries to this force of nature, engineering world famous dams, sluices and irrigation canals to reclaim land or to keep the existing land dry. They’ve also taken economic advantage of their sea location, developing Rotterdam harbour into the largest in Europe.

Proud of their past, the Dutch are equally progressive, promoting their cities to diverse and interesting destinations. One of the jewels of Europe with its stunning 17th century canals, the city of Amsterdam offers incredible examples of modern architecture, museums and cultural festivities. The Hague has all the allure of an international metropolis and the natural beauty of a seaside resort while Maastricht has a special charm of its own as evidenced by its spectacular 69 place climb in the 2008 ICCA listing of top locations for international non corporate conventions.

Small but diverse, Holland offers a cosmopolitan melting pot of social, cultural possibilities for meetings and events. Medieval cities, modern metropolises, pre-historic tombs, sound infrastructure and colourful tulip fields are waiting for you in the “Gateway to Europe”.

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