Birthplace Of Golf


This small, North European country has played a unique and colourful role throughout history and continues to be a vibrant, exciting country, with a distinct culture and extraordinarily rich heritage. Today, its undiminished reputation as a land of lively, dynamic cities and rich diversity of arts and culture is complemented with its commitment to innovation and technology.

Approximately 31,510 square miles in area, Scotland is 274 miles long from North to South and varies in breadth between 24 and 154 miles.

Getting to Scotland is faster and simpler than ever before. With direct flights from many international gateways and over 100 flights a day from London, just one hour away, visitors have multiple options when travelling by air.

Once here, getting around is made easy. High-speed trains comfortably connect you from city to city and town to town and luxury coaches or cars allow you the ability to take to the open road and absorb Scotland at your own pace. The country also has nearly 800 islands, most accessible by ferry. The warm hospitality of the people, breathtaking landscapes and the best golf in the world deliver luxury and reward Scottish style. A wealth of possibilities is available when you can entertain your clients at an historic castle, organize a fun-filled team-building day on a country estate, or hold a glittering reception in a stylish city centre venue.

From the traditional to the unique, Scotland offers incomparable golf and whisky distilleries, luxurious spas and hotels, designer shops and enchanted castles, opera and off-roading, falconry and fine dining that will amaze, inspire and energize

Golf – Exhilarate. Reward. Motivate
Scotland is the undisputed “Home of Golf”. Hosting more than 500 golf courses, including championship courses and world-renowned golf clubs, as well as the 2004 British Open and the 2005 British Open at St. Andrew’s, your first choice for an incentive golf vacation has to be Scotland.

Whether you’re hosting a seasoned enthusiast or someone new to the sport, Scotland’s golf courses provide a broad spectrum for all levels. Dedicated centres and schools can improve your clients’ swing, and golf outings can be an integral part of your company away day or client event.


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